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What to Wear Under Your Robe at the Spa?

| by Hannah Smith, under Woodhouse Services

What to Wear Under Your Robe at the Spa

It’s finally time to treat yourself to a relaxing day at the spa! Upon arriving at the Woodhouse, you will be accompanied to the locker room and be given your own personal locker, robe, and pair of slippers. You may be unsure what to do with your new clothing, so here’s what you need to do!

First, keep in mind we drape all of our guests during their treatments and they will never be exposed at any time. We want you to dress inside your own comfort level. If you want to leave your bra and underwear underneath your robe during your relaxation time in the quiet room, you may do so. Remember you will need to remove your bra when it’s time to receive any massage services. If you are comfortable being completely nude underneath your robe, you are free to do so as well. Any guest under 17 years old will be asked to wear a bathing suit underneath their robe and during their treatments.

At the Woodhouse, our top priority is ensuring comfort for our guests for a fully tranquil experience. If you have any other questions regarding Woodhouse attire, call the spa and we’ll be more than happy to help you. We’ll see you soon!

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