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What to do after a Spa Day?

| by Hannah Smith, under Wellness

What to Do After a Spa Day

Visiting the spa provides wellness, relaxation, and satisfaction to your mind and body. After receiving treatments, it’s easy to want to dive back into the real world. However, remaining de-stressed and continuing to take care of yourself should be a top priority. We want you to optimize your spa experience and feel wonderful even after you leave the spa. Here’s what you should and should not do once you return to reality.

Drink Water!

Staying hydrated is perhaps one of the most important things you can do after receiving spa treatments. During a massage, toxins are flushed out of our bodies through increased blood circulation. It’s ideal to keep oxygen and nutrients flowing to your muscles, organs, and other tissues with water. It’s not recommended to drink tea, coffee, soft drinks, or alcohol to replace lost hydration.

Eat Light

Avoid eating heavy meals a few hours after your treatments so your body can focus on replenishing itself and eliminating toxins. One light snack we recommend is a fruit platter, it’s full of vitamins, enzymes, water, and it will help maintain the effects of any spa treatment.

Stay out of the Sun

Massage, facial, and scrub treatments leave skin cells vulnerable that can easily be burnt in the sun. Enjoy the indoors and wait a few days before basking in the sunshine.

Skip the Shower

If you receive any treatments that use essential oils, creams, or botanicals, don’t rinse them off. Allow your skin to completely soak up the minerals and antioxidants. Hopping in a hot shower after the spa can also leave you feeling dizzy if you have not properly hydrated.

Rest Up

The benefits of massage include feeling more relaxed, having looser muscles, and experiencing calmness. Afterwards, your body needs time to recover, repair, and retune itself. Going straight to work, working out, or having a night out are not the best options. Instead read a book, watch TV, or take a nap. Listen to your body and do whatever helps you continue the feeling of serenity and well being. 

A day at the spa is a fulfilling experience that renews your mind, body, and soul. At the Woodhouse, it is our goal to help our guests make the most of their visit with us. Our attention to your well being doesn’t just stop at the spa. Following these steps ensures you will reap the benefits of your services long after your spa day. Reserve your appointment with us today and enjoy a trip to the spa the Woodhouse way!

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