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How to Prepare for a Spa Day

| by Hannah Smith, under Woodhouse Services

Whether it’s with your best friends, significant other, or just yourself, being treated to a day at the spa is a wonderful way to renew the soul and experience tranquility. Many of our guests wonder how they can prepare themselves in order to be fully relaxed and ready before their spa treatments. Here are a few frequently asked questions and what we recommend to make sure you’re prepared for your spa day!


How can I be relaxed before my appointment?

It’s very easy to be eager and anticipate your spa day. However, it’s very important to keep yourself serene even before your arrival. We advise you to keep it easy on the caffeine, it’s hard to be relaxed if you are jittery from your morning coffee. It’s also recommended to not eat a big meal before your appointment. Drink lots of water and stay hydrated, as spa atmospheres can become very warm.

Should I shower before my appointment?

Yes, showering before your arrival will help loosen your body and it will begin to detox. However, don't shave your legs before receiving a body exfoliant, your skin will be too sensitive. It’s also not recommended to shave your face before a facial.

What should I bring with me?

Bring yourself a change of loose clothing to slip on after receiving your treatments. Bring a swimsuit if your treatment requires one. You do not need to bring your own robe, they are provided in the locker rooms along with a pair of slippers. We strongly advise you to leave any personal items, including jewelry and your cell phone, in your provided locker in order to maintain our tranquil spa environment.  

What should I wear when I arrive at the spa?

We encourage you to dress as comfortably as possible when you arrive. Come in with a clean face and avoid wearing makeup, especially if you’re receiving facial treatments. We want you to receive the full benefits of steam, beneficial oils, and nutrients. It’s best to keep your hair out of your face and put it in a bun or ponytail. While you are in the spa, you’ll be wearing a robe and slippers. Depending on your service, you will either wear a swimsuit or be nude underneath.

How do I organize a spa day with friends?

If one or more people are joining you in your spa day, we understand it can be overwhelming to plan out the day. Coordinate with your party about payment and

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